Tummy Control Wide Leg Jeans by RFM

$39.00 $66.00

Meet your newest denim obsession, RFM! These tummy control jeans are thick, stretchy, and amazing quality! The fit is amazing and the smoothing panels help make you feel extra supported in the belly! 

The magenta and teal are a raw edge hem!

Sarah wears a size 5, and is a store size 8! 


RISE: Size 5: 10.875in Size 13: 11.5in | Size 18W: 12.5in

INSEAM: 32in


Medium - Distressed

RISE: Size 7: 11.25in | Size: 13: 11.75in Size 17: 12.5in

INSEAM: 31in


Vintage Black 

RISE: Size 5: 10.5in Size 13: 11.5in Size 18W: 11.5in

INSEAM: 31.25in


Vintage Black - Distressed

RISE: Size 7: 11in Size 13: 12.25in Size 17: 12.25in

INSEAM: 32in

LEG OPENING: 11.25in



For all pairs except the vintage black non distressed, sizes 0-17, take your even store size and subtract 1 or 3 digits! If you are thinnest at your high waist, subtracting 3 will most likely be the best fit. Example, a size 10 would most likely be most comfortable in a size 7.  For the vintage black non distressed, go down again from this size (they are running big!) 

plus and curvy, size down 2 numbers from your normal plus denim size. Example, size 18W would get a 16W. 


Model Stats:

Ashley- Wearing Size: 0, Height: 5'5, Waist: 29in

Bria- Wearing Size: 16W, Height: 5'8, Waist: 45in