Maci Washed Double Strap Bralette

$7.99 $16.00

Our BEST SELLING CASSIE bralette but with DOUBLE STRAPS?! We are obsessed! 

Each double strap is attached to two spots on the back and then is one continuous piece that is stretchy, and loops together in front between the bralette. 

These AMAZING Bralette/Crop Tops are going to be your new fav! The material is a thick, stretchy, ribbed material and holds up GREAT! Sizing is somewhat flexible because of how stretchy the material is, but since we know you will ask, here is a GENERAL size recommendation:

S/M 32A-36D
L/XL 38A-42DD

If you are FULLER chested, you will still fit in these, but they may fit a little bit more compressed. The material stretches great, so if you are in between sizes or larger than a 42 bust, you can size down for a more compressed fit (without feeling uncomfortable!) 

There are no pads in these, so you can chose to wear a bra or not. We sell pasties if you want to go bra free and cover the nips! OR slide a bralette pad between your skin and the bralette for coverage!