About Us

Hi! My name is Sarah. Sarah Jane. I am the owner here at Alexander Jane Boutique and so excited to welcome you! 

Alexander Jane comes from my husbands middle name, and my middle name combined.

I started this business in early 2017 at the young age of 21. I had just barely graduated college, and was looking for something to do in my "spare time" after my full time job. The truth is, my husband and I had just moved across the country a few months prior, all the way from upstate NY to Washington state, and I was bored and lonely, feeling depressed and missing my friends, family, and home. I thought adding on a side gig would keep me busy, both mentally and physically! I really just wanted to make some extra money to help pay for some fun things that we didnt NEED but wanted at our upcoming wedding. Well, almost six years later, I am still doing the dang thing! 

The business started in Washington, but since I have always been online, we were able to follow career opportunities for my husband, and we have moved to California, and then shortly after Arizona! We have been in Arizona since 2018 and love it here! 

Through this business, I have grown so many friendships and relationships with my amazing customers and community. I have been able to employ working moms, young college students, and other hard working individuals, and I am so grateful for that. 

I hope that you'll join along for the fun we have together, our Facebook group is a great place to "see" all the behind the scenes and get to know me and my team even more :) 

Can't wait to see you there! XOXO Sarah