Timeless Black Button Fly Skinny Jeans


We have what your closet has been looking for! These black button flys are a timeless piece that you can wear for any occasion. Featuring black button detailing and that comfy stretch we love!


Rise & Inseam: 

Size 0-3: Rise: 10.5"/Inseam: 28"

Size 5-9: Rise: 11"/Inseam: 28"

Size 11-15: Rise: 11.5"/Inseam: 28"

Size 14W-18W:  Rise: 12.5"/ Inseam: 28"

Size 20W- 24W: Rise: 13.5"/ Inseam: 28"





If you are new to odd sizing, first take your even number size and subtract 1 digit, if you are in between even sizes, the middle digit is your odd fit (example: size 12, would start with size 11, but size 12/14 would start with the 13). THEN....

Now, that you know your ODD number size, depending on your body shape, we recommend THAT size OR sizing down from that size. So, if you usually wear a 12, your odd size starts with an 11, and sizing down ONE SIZE is a 9.

The smaller size recommended will work best if you are thinnest at your high waist, and carry most weight in your lower belly. If you have more of an apple shape and carry your weight in your belly button to rib cage area the larger size recommended will be a better fit.

Sarah wears a 3 in this pair, she typically wears a size 6 in department stores. She is thinnest at her high waist and likes a tight fit.