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PREORDER Situation Handled High Rise Tummy Control Skinny Judy Blue

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Our NUMBER ONE SELLER! Thousands of women AGREE! Our Tummy Control Judy Blues are not just a want, but a NEED! 

These jeans are LIFE CHANGING!

They are HIGH waisted and designed to slim down the belly area! WHAT WHAT!? It's AMAZING!! 

They are SO stretchy and comfortable! 

SIZING: If you are new to odd sizing, first take your even number size and subtract 1 digit, if you are in between even sizes, the middle digit is your odd fit (example: size 12, would start with size 11, but size 12/14 would start with the 13). THEN....

Now, that you know your ODD number size, We recommend sizing DOWN 1 SIZE from that number for a comfortable fit, 2 SIZES for a locked a loaded fit for sizes 0-15. So, if you usually wear a 12, your odd size starts with an 11, and sizing down ONE SIZE is a 9 (comfy fit) and TWO SIZES is a 7 (locked and loaded). 

For sizes 14W-22W, we recommend sizing down 2 digits from your most commonly purchased department store size, so if you usually buy size 18, grab the 16W here! 

Sarah wears a 3(comfy) or 1 for snatched fit, and she wears a 6 in department stores

11 Inch Rise

26 Inch Inseam