Same Ol' Song High Waist Yoke Flare Judy Blue Jeans


 Who said the perfect flare jeans don't exist?! These unique flares are going to make your waist look tiny and your booty look huge! The stitching on the front yoke brings the eyes in and creates an illusion of a smaller mid section, while the flat stitching for the pockets makes your hips and curvy booty look AMAZING! The back has a Y shaped booty seam to make it pop! SO comfortable, high rise, and overall incredible!!


  • Take your even store size, and subtract 1 or 3 numbers. (Example size 6 would buy a 5 or 3)... 
  • Go with the smaller size if you are more pear shaped or hourglass shaped, or thinnest at your high waist (above belly button).
  • Go with the bigger size if you are more apple shaped or carry more weight in your mid tummy (above belly button). 
  • If you are often in between even store sizes (example 6 OR 8), take the middle number and subtract 2. In this example, 7-2=5. 
  • If you usually buy curvy sizing, subtract 2 digits from your most common size. Example size 18, go with the 16W here.
  • If you know your "normal" or "skinny" Judy Blue size, go with the same size on these!!




SIZE 0FR: 10.5" // INSEAM: 32.5" 
SIZE 1FR: 10.5" // INSEAM: 32.5" 
SIZE 3FR: 10.5" // INSEAM: 32.5" 
SIZE 5FR: 11" // INSEAM32.5" 
SIZE 7FR: 11" // INSEAM32.5" 
SIZE 9FR: 11" // INSEAM32.5" 
SIZE 11FR: 11.5" // INSEAM32.5" 
SIZE 13FR: 11.5" // INSEAM32.5" 
SIZE 15FR: 11.5" // INSEAM32.5" 
SIZE 14WFR: 11.5" // INSEAM32.5" 
SIZE 16WFR: 12" // INSEAM32.5" 
SIZE 18WFR: 12" // INSEAM32.5" 
SIZE 20WFR: 12" // INSEAM32.5" 
SIZE 22WFR: 12.5" // INSEAM32.5" 
SIZE 24WFR: 12.5" // INSEAM32.5"