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Got my Attention Black Judy Blue Jeans

These black jeans are SUPER stretchy and amazing! They can easily pass off for business casual. The ankle has a side slit that will show off your footwear perfectly. The zipper and stitching and buttons are all a rich, dark black. 


IMPORTANT: These rich dyed jeans do have a bit of transfer if you do not wash and set the color before wearing! PLEASE do a cold wash, inside out, to avoid color transfer. This is normal with dark washed jeans in many brands. 


  • Take your even store size, and subtract 1 or 3 numbers. (Example size 6 would buy a 5 or 3)... 
  • Go with the smaller size if you are more pear shaped or hourglass shaped, or thinnest at your high waist (above belly button).
  • Go with the bigger size if you are more apple shaped or carry more weight in your mid tummy (above belly button). 
  • If you are often in between even store sizes (example 6 OR 8), take the middle number and subtract 2. In this example, 7-2=5. 
  • If you usually buy curvy sizing, subtract 2 digits from your most common size. Example size 18, go with the 16W here.
  • If you know your "normal" or "skinny" Judy Blue size, go with the same size on these!!



SIZE 1FR: 10.5" // INSEAM: 31.5" 
SIZE 3FR: 10.5" // INSEAM: 31.5" 
SIZE 5FR: 10.5" // INSEAM: 31.5" 
SIZE 7FR: 10.5" // INSEAM: 31.5" 
SIZE 9FR: 10.5" // INSEAM: 31.5" 
SIZE 11FR: 11" // INSEAM: 31.5" 
SIZE 13FR: 11.5" // INSEAM: 31.5" 
SIZE 15FR: 12" // INSEAM: 31.5" 
SIZE 14WFR: 12" // INSEAM: 31.5" 
SIZE 16WFR: 12" // INSEAM: 31.5" 
SIZE 18WFR: 12" // INSEAM: 31.5" 
SIZE 20WFR: 12" // INSEAM: 31.5" 
SIZE 22WFR: 12" // INSEAM: 31.5" 
SIZE 24WFR: 12" // INSEAM: 31.5" 
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