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Little Bit Western Double Button Dark Wash Tummy Control Judy Blue Jeans

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Get a little bit western with these skinny tummy control jeans! The butt pockets, tummy control panels, double button detail, dark wash, and dramatic Y yoke seam in the back make these our new favorite!! 

Preorder extends order fulfillment to 5-7 business days! Still a rather quick turnaround time :)

There is a reason these tummy control, stretchy jeans have gone VIRAL! Thousands of women have absolutely fallen in love with our jeans! 

****** If you purchased our total flirt, or skinny dipped pair, these are fitting exactly the same! If you purchased the situation handled or no rolls pair, we recommend sizing up one size from that fit ******


  • If you know your "Skinny Judy Blue" size, go with that! 
  • If you have no clue, take your most commonly purchased EVEN store size, and subtract 1 or 3 numbers from that. 1 if you are apple shaped or carry most of your weight between your belly button and rib cage area, 3 if you carry lower belly weight, or are more hourglass/pear shaped and like a tight fit.
  • EXAMPLE: Sarah is a size 6 in stores, thinnest at her high waist, and subtracts 3 digits (6-3=3) and wears the 3! Alisha is more apple shaped, and wears a 16 in stores, and subtracts 1 number to get 15, and wears a 15 in these! 
  • If you often are between sizes, like a 6/8, take the middle number and subtract 2 to start. So 7-2= size 5). If you are thinnest in your waist and like a tight fit, you can go down again from that number (down to a 3).
  • For sizes 14W-22W, we recommend sizing down 2 digits from your most commonly purchased department store size, so if you usually buy size 18W, grab the 16W here! 


  • Mega stretchy, but hold their shape!
  • Slimming Tummy Control panels
  • Rounded design butt pocket
  • Double button on back pocket
  • Dark wash
  • Raw Edge 
  • Dramatic Y shaped yoke on booty, (think peach shaped)!


SIZE 1- FR: 10" // INSEAM: 27"

SIZE 9- FR: 11" // INSEAM: 27"

SIZE 15- FR: 12" // INSEAM: 27.25"

SIZE 16 - FR: 12" // INSEAM: 27.75"