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2-in-1 SPF Face Lotion

2-in-1 SPF Face Lotion

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Every damn day, people look at your face. So it’s best to take care of it, every damn day. Duke Cannon’s Standard Issue 2-in-1 SPF Face Lotion helps you increase your face value for the present and future.

Short term, it provides superior hydration and reduces excess oil and shine. Long term, the broad spectrum SPF 30 provides daily sun defense without that nasty sunscreen smell so you don’t prematurely look like a Star Wars villain before you retire. Put your best face forward and use this every damn day.

Every Day Reasons Why:

To look good: UVB and UVA rays age you faster than a fine cheese left in a hot car
Cancer sucks: 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer, affecting 2x more men than women
Clouds and houses don’t help: UV rays penetrate clouds and windows
Key Specifications:
Provides superior hydration
SPF 30 delivers daily sun defense without the chemical smell of sunscreen
No greasy residue and shine-free finish
Scent: Very light citrus with hints of eucalyptus
Made in United States of America